Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park

Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park

Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park

The Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park encompasses 3,600 acres of developed industrial property positioned in the triangle of three four-lane highways, including the planned Interstate Highway 69.

This Industrial Park is an effort of private and public entities combining their resources to create a site so ideally located for distribution, industry, and business that it would have a major impact on commerce in mid-America.


Two existing four-lane highways form the boundaries of the Park. Highway 302, forming the southern boundary, connects U. S. Highway 72 with U. S. Highway 78 and Interstate 55. Highway 72 runs from Memphis to Huntsville, Chattanooga, and the East Coast. Highway 78 runs from Memphis to Birmingham, becoming Interstate 20 to Atlanta and points east.

The proposed Interstate 69, which will travel from Canada to Mexico, will form the third boundary of the Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park.

Distribution Center

EXEL, a 750,000-square-foot distribution center is headquartered in a prime location in the park. ASICS America Corporation has also located within Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park and has recently completed construction of a 500,000-square-foot distribution facility. Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park is within minutes of one of the most dynamic distribution centers in the country. However, because it is positioned a short distance away, startup costs are lower and there is ample room for future development.


The park is equipped with high-capacity gas, water, sewer, and electricity. Gas transmission lines and electrical transmission lines are located adjacent to the Park.

Twelve-inch water lines are already on site, and sewer and wastewater engineering studies have been completed. Construction of Phase I has also been completed.

The Tennessee Valley Authority provides electricity, which is distributed by North Central Electric Power Association. There are three transmission lines adjacent to the Park. Any qualifying project will have its electrical needs met at no cost. There are two substations within eight miles. Dual feed is possible at the site for a qualifying project.

Two gas transmission companies have lines adjacent to the park, approximately 2,600 feet away. Since there are a number of transmission companies in the immediate area, depending on which company is selected, a specific plan will be developed to meet the client’s needs.

The well for the Marshall County Water Association is located within the Park. The lines are 12 inches in diameter with a capacity of 2.563 mgd. Peak utilization is 0.260 mgd.

Phase I waste treatment facilities (100,000 gallons per day) have been constructed to provide sewer service to the Park. The facilities are permitted for 300,000 gallons per day. Plans are in place to extend the system as needed for future business, industrial, and residential development.


Current tenants of the Industrial Park include


Five environmental studies have been conducted at the Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park. Each report concludes that there are no major findings. A soil study indicates no water problems and that soil is adequate for shallow spread foundations. No environmental events have taken place on or adjacent to the site.

  1. Environmental Site Assessment – Phase 1 – June 2003
  2. Archaeological Studies – June 2003
  3. Geological/Hydrological Studies – June 2003
  4. Soil Borings – March 2004
  5. Digital Aerial Photo with 2-foot contours