Fishing and Boating

Three lakes close to Holly Springs, ranging in size from small lakes to a large reservoir, provide the angler a chance to fish from the bank for bream at Chewalla Lake and Wall Doxey State Park or strike out on Sardis Lake in search of record-size bass. Sardis Lake is large enough to accommodate boating, skiing, and sailing.


In this part of the country, hunting is a pastime of huge proportions partly because of the abundance of habitat for white-tail deer, quail, turkey, and ducks.

Fitch Farms Galena Plantation offers hunting on its 7,000-acre plantation. Several field trials are held there to showcase some of the best bird dogs in the area.

Ames Plantation at Grand Junction is where the National Field Trials are held each year to find the best bird dog in the country. English Pointers and Setters that were winners in over 70 field trials throughout the U.S. and Canada compete for the Top Dog Award, named in honor of Joe Hurdle, a Marshall County native who judged the trials for many years. The event draws hundreds of enthusiasts who ride horses along the course hoping to see a champion making the most bird finds.