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Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park

This 3,600-acre industrial park is surrounded on four sides by major four-lane highways with I-269 passing through it. It is within minutes of a dynamic distribution center. Exel Industries is one of the first occupants.

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Quick & Easy Transportation

Marshall County has several major highways and I-22 runs through it. Newly constructed I-269 passes through Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park. Eight intermodal yards are within 50 miles of Marshall County.

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Whether your business operates locally, nationally, or globally, Marshall County is an ideal place to locate.

Air, highway, and railroad transportation is easy and accessible.

  • Unsurpassed highway transportation is provided by a network of four-lane roads soon to be enhanced by new and upgraded routes, including Interstate 269, which will pass along one edge of the Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park.
  • The Burlington Northern Sante Fe and Norfolk Southern Railways plus one shortline railroad serve industrial sites in the county and run close to the Chickasaw Trail location. BNFS is completing a major expansion of its nearby intermodal facility.
  • Memphis International Airport, the world’s largest cargo airport, is 45 minutes from the center of Marshall County. It is a hub for Northwest Airlines and serves FedEx world headquarters, the world’s largest air distribution complex. Local air service is available at the Holly Springs-Marshall County Airport.
  • The International Port of Memphis on the Mississippi River, fourth largest inland port in the United States, is 400 river miles from St. Louis and 600 river miles from New Orleans.

Educational and workforce training opportunities are locally abundant.

Marshall Countians are educated and an abundant workforce is readily available.

  • An abundant labor force is available to Marshall County, with a population of 1.4 million within a 50-mile radius of the county. The current labor force is 15,917, with a 9.87% unemployment rate.
  • 10.21% of the 25-year old or older population has attained a bachelor’s degree or higher in education.

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